Wastes & Services

Accepted Wastes and Services

Our scale attendants, operators and management hold relevant certifications and are otherwise trained to identify acceptable and unacceptable waste types that arrive at our HOF and Sumter County disposal facilities.

Acceptable Waste at HOF Landfill includes:

• Solid waste which is not hazardous waste and which is not prohibited from disposal in a lined landfill under 62-701.300 FAC • Putrescible Waste – Solid waste containing organic matter capable of being decomposed by microorganisms
• Household Solid Waste • Commercial Solid Waste
• Industrial Wastes (if approved by DEP) • Class III Wastes – Processed tires, asbestos, carpet, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, furniture (other than appliances), and other materials not expected to produce leachate posing a threat to public health or the environment
• Agricultural Wastes – Resulting from normal farming operations

Unacceptable waste types at HOF Landfill include:

• Hazardous waste and segregated household hazardous waste not exempted by FAC 62-701.300 • Motor vehicles
• Whole waste tires • Lead acid or rechargeable batteries
• Used motor oil, antifreeze, and oil filters • White goods
• Septic/sewage/sludge except those meeting the definition of a solid waste in accordance with 62-701 and not prohibited by 62-701.300 • Hot loads
• Mercury containing devices and lamps • Non containerized liquid wastes
• Pressurized cylinders • PCBs
• Yard Trash • Electronic Waste

Acceptable waste types at Sumter Recycling & Solid Waste Disposal, Inc. include:

Debris generated as a result of construction, renovation, manufactured housing and demolition projects is acceptable. Based on terms defined in Chapters 62-701 through 62-722, F.A.C.,these include but may not be limited to:

• Metal • Glass • Brick • Ceramics
• Porcelain • Concrete • Asphalt Material • Piping
• Gypsum Wallboard • Roofing Shingles • Siding • Concrete
• Stone • Flooring • Counter Tops • Lumber/Wood (includes treated)
• Rocks • Clean Soils • Trees/Stumps • Vegetative Matter/Yard Trash
• Clean Cardboard • Paper • Plastic • Carpet

Unacceptable waste types at Sumter Recycling & Solid Waste Disposal, Inc. include:

• Hazardous waste as defined by USEPA (exhibits flammability, corrosivity, reactivity, and/or toxicity) • Treated or untreated bio-hazardous waste • Water soluble wastes • Regulated asbestos (friable)
• Appliances (white goods) • Automotive parts • Biomedical wastes • Class I waste
• Drums • Electronics • Florescent light bulbs • Industrial waste
• Lead-acid batteries • Loads containing • Contaminated soil • Mercury thermostats
• Oil containers • PCBs • Plastic buckets containing liquids • Street sweepings
• Moldy PB&J Sandwiches • Tires • Used (or unused) oil • RSM (recovered screen material from C&D recycling
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