Heart of Florida Class I Landfill

General Information about Heart of Florida Environmental

Heart of Florida (HOF) Landfill opened in spring of 2013. The 750 acre tract was fully permitted for use as a Class I Landfill by City of Bushnell in January 2011. HOF Landfill will meet the solid waste disposal needs for Sumter County and the surrounding areas for many years.

Phase 1 of the facility consists of 60 acres divided into four 15 acre sub-cells and we are currently constructing the fourth cell. The cells are comprised of multiple layers of natural and synthetic membranes, geotextile and drainage materials that protect the groundwater. Collectively, this is called the liner system. Construction of the liner system is completed under strict construction quality assurance (CQA) standards including extensive soil and materials testing. The construction of all cells is certified by a 3rd party professional engineer with the ultimate approval of the CQA report provided by FDEP.

As the development of the landfill advances laterally, hydro-geologic and geotechnical investigations are completed for the areas that are to be constructed and lined. This work includes extensive geotechnical studies deploying techniques that include GPR (ground penetrating radar), micorgravity surveys and borings utilized to assure the stability of the ground and to aid in the design of the landfill. HOF has recently completed these studies for its next 60-acre lateral expansion which is currently under review at FDEP. http://appprod.dep.state.fl.us/WWW_WACS/REPORTS/SW_Facility_Docs.asp?wacsid=85764

Water and liquids inherent in municipal solid waste along with rain water that percolates or leaches through the landfill is known as leachate. Leachate collected above the liner system is pumped and conveyed to our storage facility where it is subsequently hauled away for off-site waste water treatment.

An extensive ground water monitoring system, consisting of 8 monitoring wells and 15 gas probes surrounding the facility is used to monitor the integrity of our liner system. Samples are taken semi-annually and analyzed by a 3rd party laboratory.

Storm water run-off is collected and conveyed to detention basins and no storm water leaves our property.

The following permits govern the operations at HOF Landfill as described above:

  • Construction 161236-005-SC/01
  • Operating 161263-004-SO/01
  • ERP 60-0286227-002
  • Title V 1190053-001-AV
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