Special Waste Approvals

Special Waste is defined by FDEP as “…solid wastes that can require special handling and management, including but not limited to white goods, waste tires, used oil, lead-acid batteries, construction and demolition debris, ash residue, yard trash, biological wastes, mercury-containing devices, and lamps.

It can also include asbestos(friable & non-friable), auto shredder-residual, bio-solids, industrial waste, contaminated soil.
Hazardous and liquid waste are strictly prohibited.

Special waste must be specifically approved by our environmental & compliance team on a case-by-case basis before receipt. HOF uses a proprietary on-line portal accessible at Snappyapprovals.com to allow the customer to make an application for the acceptance of special waste. This platform also provides a convenient means of communication between the customer, the reviewer and the sales representative that expedites the review process. Our special waste sales group can provide support for the use of the portal and also quote disposal pricing into HOF Landfill. Please contact us for more information.

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