Waste Approvals

Special Waste Handling

  • Asbestos Friable and Non-Friable
  • Auto Shredder Residuals
  • Bio-solids
  • Industrial & Special Waste
  • Contaminated Soil

We will not accept ANY Hazardous or liquid wastes!

We can assist with transporting your waste. Call us for transportation pricing
Roll-off containers available upon request.

For disposal rates, transportation, and roll off pricing please contact us at Roger.O'Connor@WasteConnections.com

Please keep in mind that we have strict requirements for waste handling. We will assess your waste for the safety of all parties involved – you, your and our employees, and the environment. A waste profile must be completed for each type of waste. Please submit the non-hazardous waste profile and analytical data to SnappyApprovals.com

If you are new to the system. Roger O'Connor can assist with new customer setups.

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